Likit Snak-A-Ball



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The Likit Snak-A-Ball Horse Feeders Are The Ideal Horse Toys For Simulating Your Horse’S Natural Grazing Behaviour, Which Is Beneficial To Your Horse’S Digestion. Fill The Likit Horse Snak-A-Ball With Your Horse’S Normal Daily Ration Of Dry Feed Or With Likit Snaks (Or Any Other Treat You Want) And Leave In The Stable Or Field For Your Horse To Play With And Feed Throughout The Day. Challenge Level: Medium The Likit Horse Snak-A-Balls Provided Good All Round Suitability With The Added Ability To Make Use More Challenging By Using Pelleted Feed. The Likit Horse Snak-A-Balls Extend Feeding Time And Encourage Natural Feeding Behaviour, Whilst Encouraging The Horse To Stretch And Use Muscles From Poll To Tail Likit Horse Snak-A-Balls Are Ideal For Overweight Horse Or Ponies On Limited Rations Or Those Who Bolt Their Food. Can Be Used In Or Out Of The Stable Spare Lid Included. Treats Sold Separately

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Purple, Red


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